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Advice for the Brain User  
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Wow, what a great looking brain NeuroBetty!

View clip: Neurobetty and Friends: Advice for the brain-user Show 1: The 10% Myth

Producer-Teresa Steininger
Director-Bobby Chastain
Floor Director-Will Nielson
Technical Director-Tom Clark
Audio-Dave Karrigan
Character Generator Mark Taylor
Teleprompter-Annabelle Gonzalez
Camera-Rishi Taggarsi
Camera-Bill McAlpine
Camera-Marilyn McAlpine
Production Assistant-Marc Isaac Potter

Neurobetty-Teresa Steininger, Ph.D.
Pons, the Bartender-Ken Steininger
Wernicke, Language Specialist-Paul Franken, Ph.D.
Queen Neuron-Jacqueline Vazquez, Ph.D.
Princess Glia-Danielle Bixby

Animation and Title Sequence-Greg Harmon, HarmonE Studios
Editing-Greg Harmon and Gretchen Steininger
Post-Production Supervisor-Gretchen Steininger
Post-Production Facilities-Thunder & Lightning Image Group, Atlanta, GA
This program was produced at the facilities of KMVT Mountain View Community Television
The contents and ideas expressed in this program do not necessarily reflect the views or
opinions of KMVT - Mountain View Community Television, the City of Mountain View, or this cable company.

Copyright 2006 – Teresa L. Steininger