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Advice for the Brain User  
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NeuroBetty (NB) is sitting at a bar. Lava light, martini shaker and glasses are on the bar.  Pons, the bartender is behind the bar.

NB:  Hello, and welcome to “NeuroBetty and Friends: Advice for the Brain User”.  I am your host, Dr. NeuroBetty.  I am a scientist who studies the brain.  I am also a real person, a brain user like you.  If you’re watching this show, than you have a brain, but maybe you’re not quite sure how to use it.  Or maybe you’re interested in brain research and need a translation from scientific-ese to English.  Or, you just want to learn more about the brain.  Well, that’s what I’m here for.  I have a PhD in brain science.  I study brain cells called neurons, and I have the privilege of seeing them in the microscope (she holds up toy microscope).  I also listen to their electrical signals.  I’m so excited to show you the world of the neurons.  It’s cool, and I’ll share some of my pictures and brain waves later in the show.  It’s not all fun though, sometimes its hard work, and it gets lonely from time to time.  So I like to come by the Neurotransmitter Lounge and relax with my friends, the brain cells.  Thanks for joining us, pull up a stool and have a drink.  I was just going to order one.  Here’s our bartender Pons.

P:  Well, hello!  What’ll you have NeuroBetty?

NB:  Well, Pons, as usual, I don’t know my own mind…  what do you suggest?

P:  Hmm.  Let me think…  You’ve probably got a high glutamate level, what with the excitement of your first big show…  How about a nice relaxing serotonin-tini, with just a hint of GABA…  Shaken, not stirred…

NB:  Pons, you’re a genius! That’s just what I need!

P:  Coming right up!

Pons mixes drink.

NB:  So, Pons, how’s business been?

P:  Business is picking up...  A lot of neurons used to get their kicks out of booze and drugs.  Ah, to be young and experimental...  But now they’re learning that it’s healthier to find their own endogenous highs.

NB:  Well, I’m guilty too.  Coffee, wine, chocolate, heroin…   I’m trying to cut back, though…

P:  on the chocolate or the coffee?  Well, I know you were kidding me about the hard stuff. 

NB:  Just making sure you were listening, Pons…


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