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NeuroBetty is...

Teresa Steininger, Ph.D.
Hosting the NeuroBetty show is the realization of a childhood dream.  It is only now that my first show is “in the can”, that I recall my childhood self imagining I was a TV host (although… I was serving mud pies on my own cooking show ala Julia Child, my childhood self had no idea that I would become a Neurobiologist).   

I am passionate about and challenged by the question “What (neuro)scientific information do non-scientists want or need?”  My favorite part of being a Neuroscientist is talking about the brain, and teaching others.  Telling non-scientist about the brain is a challenge, and I find that I do it well.  NeuroBetty and Friends is a fabulous venue for me to “break the ice” and start a conversation about the brain.  I am eager for feedback.  Please feel free to share your ideas so that I can do this better.




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