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NeuroBetty wants you to have fun with your brain!

The purpose of NeuroBetty and Friends: Advice for the Brain Users is simple – to give advice to fellow Brain Users.  On our show we ask: “Is it true that we only use 10% of our brains?”  NO!  This is a total myth!  Yet the public thinks this is true, and is probably waiting around for the other 90% to kick in.  The neurons are very upset that we think they should be doing more; they’re already working their axons off!!!!

I’m a Neuroscientist and I’m always taken aback by the science education gap in our society.  The public is fascinated by neuroscience and would like to know more (or they would if they were exposed to it) but is either intimidated or bored by “educational programs”.  Not so with NeuroBetty and Friends.  How intimidating could puppets be?  My sincere wish is to create an informative, entertaining show.  I initially visualized the show as “Bill-Nye-the-Science-Guy” on Valium (Have you seen him? He’s totally manic…), talking about brain stuff, and having the production value of “Wayne’s World”.

I wanted the show to have edgy, irreverent humor –  a “not for kids” kind of funny, like South Park, or The Simpsons.  There’s a thin line between funny and geeky.  I hope this show scores more on the funny side, but for science stuff a little geeky is OK.



Meet Queen Neuron and Princess Glia
Those impudent brain users!  They call us lazy, when we’ve been working our axons off!!  
You are overstimulated my Queen.  Here, let me blot that excess glutamate.

Welcome to the Neurotransmitter Lounge. What'll you have?
In the Neurotransmitter Lounge, we can meet and talk, and partake of the exquisite concoctions made by Pons, the interdimensional bartender.


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